Monday, July 19, 2010

Wine Date

My partner says I don't listen to her. This video made us both laugh


TwistedScottishBastard said...

The poor boy.
It takes years of practice to establish an immunity to WRO. (Women Rambling On).
I, like most married men have developed both an immunity to the terrible brain freeze which can occur when exposed to WRO, and a semi-automatic defence response, which us typified by random interjections of "I see", "Yep", "Uh-Huh", with the occasional "Really?" thrown in for verisimilitude.
WARNING even the most immune male is susceptible to brain freeze when trying to survive in a pack of women. Such a high dose of WRO can cause near-fatal levels of higher function shut-down.
In such a case there are only three remedies.
1. As shown in the video clip, copious amounts of alcohol.
2. Leave immediately.
3. Castration.




Good advice. I like your suggested antidote to WRO but it can be very dangerous if the responses take on a pattern that the ROM (Rambling On Woman) recognises. This will result in a sharp dig in the ribs or a thump on the upper arm. Whilst not fatal these interactions create a mood that is not conducive to nookie later.

Anonymous said...

"but it can be very dangerous if the responses take on a pattern that the ROM recognises".

Using reverse psychology there's a case to argue for consistancy. I favour "Uh - huh". She's not really listening after all. To prove this try talking about your day! Right!