Monday, February 18, 2019


A daft old guy I know has been banging on about cleanskin wines and how he has evidence that I've been drinking them. 


I think that it stems from feelings of guilt because that's how he buys his wines nowadays - bottles with no labels on them. I guess though that this drinking habit is marginally better than what it could deteriorate to.

I've written about Cleanskins before so you can read up here instead of wasting time on the internet (or Richard's Bass Bag):

The first 'cleanskin' I remember drinking was an accidental one. It was at Murray Roberts in the early 1970s when with the entire shipment of an outstanding wine - Brown Brothers Lexia - all the labels started to fall off due to insufficient glue. We of course gave this a bit of a helping hand so that we had lots of bottles with no labels on and of course had to drink them as they couldn't be sold.


But let's get back to the current problem with cleanskins providers duping consumers with cheap and nasty product.

"For too long you've ignored what's been happening around you."
"I want to find whoever is responsible and to stop them will do whatever is necessary."
"I'm going to find everyone of them".
           "I suggest that you pay attention to what I say."

          "Our job is to do what's right".

........... to be continued.