Saturday, July 7, 2018


I don't drink much beer but when I do I prefer dark beers or stouts particularly in the winter.

Today, being a cold winter day I opened a bottle of porter -ACE SMOKEY PORTER to be precise while playing Play Station (Tiger Wood's Golf 2005 - the best version of this series).
No doubt Robert will be shocked to know that an OAP like me and a burden on society - particularly as a drain on his taxable earnings - has the effrontery to sit indoors supping luxury beverages and playing silly (and expensive) games.

The porter I bought last week at a local supermarket.

It was in the dump bin where they put drastically reduced deleted items. The normal price for this beer was $9.99! For a beer! The discounted price was $5.99. I bought 4 bottles.

This beer is bloody delightful. It's made by Wigram Brewing Co. in Christchurch. It's smooth, warm (I'm drinking it at the room temperature where I store my wines at the end of the house - at this time of year it's cool) and has lovely chocolate flavours. Yummy and perfect for a cold Saturday afternoon.

I should have bought more and next week I'll visit the supermarket on the off-chance that they still have stock at this value for money price.