Saturday, September 26, 2009


Steve wasn't one of the student workers at the wholesalers. He wanted to be one though as he thought that they were a better class of people. He was right of course.
He simultaneously had a chip on his shoulder through jealousy and would emulate his 'heroes' through mannerisms, speech and interest in wine. His role models were Roger and Geoff. Initially they made fun of Steve but eventually became his friend. Steve ate a lot (he ate his sanswhiches in the toilet)and actually smelled of roast mutton. I wondered at this but once, on visiting his home where he lived with his parents, I noticed that the house and inhabitants all smelled of roast mutton. I think that they lived on it. Steve started up a large collection of fine wines. He did this in the way a stamp collector does - not to use them but just to have them. He sold it all off later when he joined the B'Hai church.


Anonymous said...

I went to Steve's first wife's farewell last night - she's moving to Christchurch for a job.
I saw Steve about six years ago, he was working in L.V. Martin's.
I think he has a Russian wife now.
Richard (of RBB)


Farewell from where?
Is she the one who converted him to B'Hai?

Richard (of RBB) said...

"Is she the one who converted him to B'Hai?"
That's the one.