Friday, September 18, 2009


I know that I said to Richard that I'd leave the truck drivers to him but Robert is a special case. I don't think he told the management that he was Richard's younger brother, fearing that after two older brothers working at the wholesalers they wouldn't want another of them. Robert was employed as a part-time truck driver, working Saturdays and holidays. When Richard left Robert became the number one driver (previously he was known as 2nd driver). This was a big promotion for Robert and went to his head a bit. When I volunteered to be the second driver having previously worked in the shop, Robert saw fit to educate me in the ways of trucks and to pass on his vast experience (Tonka toys I think). Robert took over the 'big' truck which was a long flat-deck that made an impressive hissing noise when the air brakes were engaged. I drove the smaller Bedford which didn't require a HT licence to drive it. When things were slow, which was usually Saturday afternoons Robert and I would go out in the big truck together. After I nagged for a while Robert relented and let me drive it. He was such a fuss-pot and so pedantic in his instructions that I deliberately did the wrong things. I thought it was better to not tell him of my history of running people over (see previous post)as it might freak him out. When we were driving down from Victoria tunnel to the Basin Reserve I remember Robert telling me to swing out wide at the corner in order for the long truck tray to get around. I of course ignored this and cut the corner, bumping over the footpath. Robert's look of dismay was well worth seeing. I don't think anyone was standing at the corner but then I hadn't quite mastered using the mirrors so I wouldn't know.


Anonymous said...

I was standing on that corner, you fucking bastard! Expect one of my dispensible friends who likes virgins to visit soon.
Bin Hire (the scarred)

Anonymous said...

Это были дни моего друга.

THE WINE GUY said...

Didn't Maryanne Hopkins sing that song?

Anonymous said...

!968. Number one. "Those were the days". Mary Hopkins, Welsh born 1950. I didn't know that!
Thanks Whikipaedia and my friend Peter.