Saturday, September 19, 2009


Les had an acerbic wit that could have easily won him a punch on the nose from some customers if it hadn't been supported by keen intelligence and good wine knowledge. Les was also crazy which made him fit in well at the wholesalers along with the other strange individuals. Les is now very highly placed in the health system and very well respected being a hard worker and very dedicated. Despite the mad antics the student workers at the wholesalers redeemed themselves with an encyclopedic knowledge of the beers, wines and spirits sold and had a great work ethic - getting the job done without fuss. This Bruce knew and obviously balanced the vast consumption of top notch wines after hours with this.


Anonymous said...

Sadly I came across Bruce in Wellington after he "left" Murray Robert's , when I was working at Electricorp and instead of a warm welcome that I expected he just commented that "My friend's let me down", or something similar.

THE WINE GUY said...

"he just commented that "My friend's let me down", or something similar."

You probably misheard him.
He said "Richard drank my Walnut Brown"