Friday, May 11, 2012


In Kumeu the local businesses are up in arms at a local liquor store having a big outside advertising sign with that vile Woodstock Bourbon ad ' Crack a Woody'
This tag-line has been inexplicably used now for a few years. Why I say inexplicably is because I, like a lot of other naive people in this country believed that we had professional standards of advertising and marketing, regulated by governing bodies. Not so it seems. The 'Code of Advertising Standards' is voluntary. So, if you are  bolshy like Hell Pizza or big like Dominion Breweries you just do what you bloody well like.
Independent Liquor (now owned by Asahi Breweries of Japan) was started up by Michael Erceg. Michael was clever and knew how to get around the rules and go for an opportunity. I knew Michael and liked him but thought that his mathematical genius got in the way of understanding what is right or wrong. Selling alco-pops to kids might be good for income but it is socially harming. I told him so but it had no effect. Independent Liquor was the catalyst behind Jim Anderton pushing forward the excise adjustment against alcohol product between 16% and 22% alcohol. This was enacted and was supposed to stop the cheap spirits in 1125ml format  being marketed to the young ones. Do you remember them? Gin 33 or vodka 33 or something like that representing the fact that they were one third the alcohol strength of the real thing. What the legislation did was to kill stone dead the port and sherry industry in New Zealand which was being consumed by the targeted kid's grandparents!

 Erceg simply moved on to RTD's which, at between 5% and 8% alcohol were immune from the killer tax. The strongest performer in his RTD line-up was and is Woodstock Bourbon. The bulk product, American Bourbon was supplied by Constellation in USA. Mixed with cola it was a winner.
Now, the idiots in Parliament legislated that 18 year olds could legally buy this shit and other forms of alcohol but they didn't think to legislate on how it could be marketed.

"Crack a Woody"


What idiot thought that this was OK?

Still worse, what idiots let it be OK and allowed it to be used over and over for the last few years.

Recently, buoyed up by their success in having got away with it they went on TV with an even more vile advertisement as a spin off from the tag-line.

"Is it OK if your best mate's mum gives you a woody?"

Did you see it? No matter if you didn't - it won't be missed. It was some little marketing onanist's idea of referencing the current pornographers preoccupations with MILF's (Mothers I'd Like to F**K).

As if that wasn't bad enough the Woodstock people's previous offering was a print and TV campaign offering boy racers a chance to win a ute and motorbikes

Well, hello, putting motor vehicles in with advertising alcohol is against the rules ..... Oh, I forgot ...  it's just voluntary.


Richard (of RBB) said...

At least supermarkets are making wine cheaper to buy.

THE WINE GUY said...

So how much of the above post did you read?
I should have put pictures of scantlily clad women in it like TSB does or a porn link to a MILF site.