Sunday, May 27, 2012


Got your attention? Good. To be honest there is no scientific evidence that this is true but there is a hell of a lot of anecdotal evidence. The current wave of popularity of vampirism unfortunately coincides with the rise of reality TV where bullshit is wrapped up as 'reality' for impressionable young minds. I would expect soon to hear of outbreaks of blood sucking and ritual murders as portrayed in the lurid stories and films that are being peddled today. Old Countess Elizabeth Bathory would be pleased.

Who? You ask.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory was a sadistic killer who lived in the 16th and 17th century in Vishine in present day Bratislava.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory, amongst other atrocities, used to drink and bathe in the blood of young women. In her deranged mind this was to keep her young and to pass on the good looks of her victims.
(well going by her portrait you can see why she needed this).

Ignore the drunk guy on the table and listen to Jesus..

Comedian Eddie Izzard did a show where he incorporated a discussion between Christ and God about vampirism:

Jesus:   "I said, drink this wine, it is my blood."

God:   "You said what?! But that's vampirism! Couldn't you have said: Drink this wine, it is a Merlot?!"

So. Where is this post going?


We opened a Pommard last night - a 2002 Premiere Cru Reine Pedauque.
I like Burgundy, both the place to visit and the wines. When you can afford them they are beautiful to drink with a sinuous length to them that we just can't replicate (yet) in New Zealand.
The wine last night unfortunately wasn't the best example of a Pommard (Cote D'or bordering on Cote de Beaune) and it was a bit old. It was very dry and on first opening a bit closed. The fruit was cherryish but slightly bitter. I always decant old wines, more to aerate them than any worry about sediment and this helped. After an hour the wine started to open up but was still a little but tart and a little bit old.


OK. The wine had good pedigree (and cost a lot a few years ago) so what to do?  Countess Elizabeth Bathory came to mind, as she does, so I rummaged in the freezer and we had a quarter bottle of 2010 Stockade Hill Martinborough Pinot Noir there. After microwave -thawing I experimented in a glass with the right amount to add to refresh the burgundy without losing its integrity . The right amount was about 120 mls of Stockade Hill to the remaining 600 mls of Burgundy. The result? Great. The linear structure of the Pommard was still there with its aggressive dryness and cherry character but the colour was lifted and the Martinborough fruit took away the aged character of the wine.

It was like a transfusion.

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