Saturday, May 10, 2008


Richard (of Richard's Bass Bag) and other music professionals guide us in what we should listen to and that is appreciated as we non-professionals have a lot to learn - thank you.
Sometimes though, there is some music that we 'shouldn't listen to' that just hits the spot.
Tonight while cooking my version of spaghetti Bolognase (lots of spices, herbs and other ingredients not found in the regular recipe) I tuned the TV to a music station (63) and was surprised to get an eclectic assortment of music including Sade, Roy Orbison (Blue Bayou) and Sting (with a big Soul/R&B backing).
Anyway, Led Zeppelin (1971) performed Stairway to Heaven and it was great. Nostalgic - yes, forbidden pleasures -yes again, and although not pc on many many levels I enjoyed it (extended version with Jimmy orgasming with his double necked guitar).
I opened a bottle of Drylands 2006 Chardonnay just before LZ came on. Boy, what a perfect match. This wine label has been around a while (1996) and every year is a winner. The wine doesn't have to get better, it just is always good. The 2006 Chardonnay I am drinking (Gold Medal winner National Wine Competition) is beautifully balanced with fruit, alcohol and wood combining to give a sweet sensation.
It went perfectly with the sweet sounds and sweeter memories brough back by Led Zeppelin.
Adult version of kiddy-stuff both!


Anonymous said...

Hey Wine Guy,
No one can tell you what to listen to... just trust your ears!
Richard (of RBB)

THE WINE GUY said...

Keep them stiff?

Anonymous said...

Yes, keep your ears stiff.
Richard (of RBB)