Thursday, November 16, 2017


I've mentioned many times the advantages of blending wines at home. Her Indoors and I even do this at restaurants and at other people's homes but get funny looks though.

Today I opened a bottle of wine I procured through Blackmarket wines. It was The Doctors 2013 Arneis.

I'd bought a case (6) of these at a ridiculously cheap price - $8.95 a bottle for $20+ wine and it was delivered yesterday. The wine is dry but stacked full of flavours that just need more bottle age to emerge. It's not stunning drinking now but, given time will develop nicely. I went on-line to buy another case but it is all sold out. Bummer.

Now anyone reading this who has read some of my earlier posts will recall that I've been a bit scathing about arneis and 'emerging' varietals in New Zealand. Well, scathing is a gentle way of putting it as I admit I've been downright vitriolic. See here:

Or here:

Or here:

and, generally I stand by what I've said but - needs must.
I'm not earning as I was before and not being given free wine like before and have to -gasp- buy wine! I seek out all my favourite varietals, styles and brands but make my choice based on price - hence shopping on-line at Blackmarket and other sites. Really good bargains amongst the varietals I principally favour like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Riesling are becoming fewer and farther between so I'm forced to look at other offerings for day to day quaffing.

I bought the case of arneis for a few reasons:

  • The Doctors is a trusted brand made by Forrest Wines
  • The accolades were really good (5 stars) from trusted reviewers
  • The price was outstanding
Re the price ($8.95 down from low to mid twenties) supports my theory that these new varietals are a waste of winemaking and marketing resource - professionally speaking, but on a personal level I'm very pleased. The wine as expected is very dry which falls outside of popular drinking styles. The depth of fruit and flavour is there though and time will bring them out. Being a 2013 wine it's already 4 years in bottle and still has a long way to go but bank managers see things differently and have probably advised the winemaker to 'move it along sir'. Their loss my (and all of those other greedy bastards out there) gain.

As I said I tried to buy another case but it was sold out. I'll keep a watch though because I doubt if the 2014 vintage will fare any better commercially speaking.

Thinking about this and the austere nature of the wine I took an opened bottle of Riesling out of the fridge - Gale Force 2016 Marlborough Riesling:

This is a low alcohol, slightly sweet wine with lovely flavours that I also bought a case (6) from Blackmarket. The price? $9.95 a bottle. A bargain.
I mixed some of the arneis with the riesling - by increments until I got the blend right and the result was a fresh and flavoursome wine - way more flavoursome and serious than a pinot gris or sauvignon blanc at, for the price I paid, a much lesser price than good examples of those other varietals


I had already decided that my 'dinner' this evening was going to be apple sponge.
I had three apples in the fridge that needed to be eaten and, as I'd damaged my leg yesterday, didn't feel like going to the supermarket for fresh provisions. Using the reliable Edmonds Cook Book as a base I whipped up an apple sponge with the addition of raisins, a cinnamon stick and Grand Marnier.
Delicious. It went perfectly with the arneis/riesling blend.


Robert the apathetic sinner said...

I don't believe the Edmonds Cook Book would say "then add 1 tablespoon of Grand Marnier".
Though I could be wrong and everybody ends up being a gardener.


Yes, I guess that being grammatically challenged goes hand in hand with reading difficulties.
I read that The Wine Guy said: "Using the reliable Edmonds Cook Book as a base I whipped up an apple sponge with the addition of raisins, a cinnamon stick and Grand Marnier." meaning that the Edmonds recipe was a starting point and that other ingredients were added. Though I could be wrong.


Robert, I apologised for my rather snide comment to you on Richard's Bass Bag.
I know that it's an obscure blog but you might find it with a Google search.