Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Well its not a real mystery as to who drunk it - The Curmudgeon did and didn't save me a drop. The wine is/was Selaks Founders Reserve 2007 Hawkes Bay Chardonnay. This is from fruit grown on the Corner 50 vineyard that Constellation NZ own close to the Gimblett Road area known as the Triangle. Chardonnay from here is always ripe and full with a delicious stonefruit character (as opposed to the more grapefruit characters found in plantings further south. Constellation are sourcing all of their North Island Chardonnay from here and some other Hawkes Bay sites due to the consistency from year to year and the now mature vines.
The fruit for this wine should have been (if I had got to try it) rich with peach and butterscotch flavours offset by strong oak characters. The Founders Chardonnay is always heavily wooded. In its early stage the wood is quite dominant which I assume was the case here and not quite in balance (I hope Curmudgeon choked on the splinters). With time - possibly another 12 months the wood will integrate nicely with the fruit.


Anonymous said...

Yes it was a bit woody. Richard (of RBB) taught me years ago that wine is better with lemonade in it. I didn't have any lemonade so used Bundaberg Peachee which did the job - you were right the wine did have peach/stone fruit character after all. Ha ha.

The Curmudgeon

Anonymous said...

If you want a woody flavour, add bits of double bass to the mix. Then cover with lemonade.
Richard (of RBB)

Anonymous said...

Good idea.

I've always wondered what a good use for a double bass is.
Chopping it up and adding to ones drink of choice makes perfect sense to me.

- The Curmudgeon

Nicola's Supermarket Bag said...

(as opposed to the more grapefruit characters found in plantings further south.

How do you find these grapefruit characters? Is it that you run into someone with a sour yet juicy personality?

(you forgot to finish the brackets.