Saturday, December 20, 2008


Richard (of RBB) is anticipating receiving lots of gifts of Nestle Scorched Almonds for Christmas (Oh the big spenders in Nuova Lazio!)
Here is a suggestion of a wine match for them.

Artisan Riverstone Merlot 2000
Amazingly intense fruit with good solid tannins and firm acidity. Ripe black fruit characters, chocolate and coffee come together with cedar and cigar box. The finish is long and lingering

This was a review from Tiz Wine.

The reason for this suggestion is because of a USA study that suggested that red wine, almonds, coffee, and certain fruits and nuts rich in a nutrient called boron may help stave off prostate cancer. While researchers are not sure exactly how boron lowers risk for prostate cancer, the new study showed that men who consumed the greatest amount of boron were 64% less likely to develop prostate cancer, when compared with men who consumed the least amount of boron in the study.

He could of course, if staving off prostate cancer is more important than the wine and food matching, go to a Caltex service station and fill up on petrol with boron in it.

The more Merlot he drinks with the almonds may make him less susceptible to prostate troubles but will increase his prostrate potential.



Gives a whole (is there a pun there?) to the expression 'giving someone the finger'

Richard Prowse said...
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Richard Prowse said...

Dick, there wouldn't be a finger long enough to fit up your fat arse.


What, not even Od's?

THE WINE GUY said...

Readers (if any), the removed comment author was one Richard Prowse. I hope he didn't say anything vile.