Sunday, November 9, 2008


On looking at the bizarre choices that voters made last night it seems to me that most of the powerful city seats went to labour (Wellington Central, Christchurch Central, Manurewa, Dunedin South, Dunedin North etc). In fact out of the 27 or so major city seats Labour won 15 of them to Nationals 8. The 'country' seats all went to National except for Palmerston North which went to Labour.
OK. Good on the country, this is ground-swell and grass-roots opinion, but is it well informed opinion or populist knee-jerking?
If electoral seats were wine-styles then the Labour ones would be classic Chardonnay,steely Riesling, powerful Syrah, elegant Pinot Noir and edgy Sauvignon Blanc. National ones would be flabby Pinot Gris, boring Muller Thurgau, insipid Chasselas, overpriced Viognier, unproven Arneis and early maturing Rose. Oh, and as they did win some important city seats I'll give them Cabernet Merlot blends albeit with green herbaceous edges.


Richard Prowse said...

Act would be Chardon.
Guess who is getting Riccadonna?

THE WINE GUY said...

Act is more like a sickly, yellow, slightly flabby wine that finishes short - ideally a late harvest Semillon.
Riccadonna is probably United Future - soft, too sweet, not very strong and with a fluffy head

Anonymous said...

Nice and funny.
Great to see a 'political' blog that is not self-obsessed like some I've read today.

Richard Prowse said...

"Nice and funny.
Great to see a 'political' blog that is not self-obsessed like some I've read today."
You've probably just read my bass bag. Sorry.