Sunday, November 23, 2008


OK we know that the standard of news reporting has slipped badly in recent years but the following just shows how stupid some copy writers are: In a Newstalk ZB news report on the Air NZ National Wine Competition results it was reported that "Chair of judges, Steve Smith, says the two winning wines made a big impression on the 26-strong judging panel, who tasted the wines blindfolded." Blindfolded! Didn't this news writer think about what he/she was saying? Do they just merrily type away without engaging their brains. Tasting wines blindfolded might well result in the chaos depicted in the attached B.Johnson cartoon


Richard Prowse said...

He might have meant that the judges were blind drunk... I've seen comeinyourpants after a few girls' drinks and he might as well have been wearing a bloody paper bag!

Sue said...

Talking about the standard of news reporting, what about this in the NZ Herald .... sourced from NewstalkZB

"Gisborne winery suffers ram-raid style robbery
8:32AM Sunday Nov 23, 2008

There has been a ram raid-style robbery at the Park Estate Winery in Gisborne.

Police were called following reports of breaking glass and the alarm going off.

Two cash registers and some wine were taken.

Earlier there was an attempted raid at the Four Square store in Trinity Avenue.

Police say it is possible the same offenders were responsible for both incidents."

AFAIK, the only Park Estate Winery is is Hawkes Bay and while I cannot find any kind of road named Trinity whatever in Gisborne either, there is a Trinity Avenue in Napier.

Now how far is is from Hawkes Bay to Gisborne?

Richard Prowse said...

"Now how far is is from Hawkes Bay to Gisborne?"
Compare it with a trip across the universe and it's very close.
Anyway, they make good guitars in Gisborne - or was that Gibson?

THE WINE GUY said...

Hi Sue

Yes I agree.
The Park Estate winery I know is in Napier.

I'm keen to catch up with you soon. I liked the Waiheke sports car story you did.

p.s. Ignore Richard (of Richard's Bass Bag fame) he's a bit strange and an ambivalent Chardonnay drinker - I think that he is awaiting absolution from the Vatican!