Saturday, June 16, 2012


Yes, tenuous I know but clever sub-editing needs time and I wanted to get this posted quickly before cooking dinner (not chilli).

Chile has a few things we can blame them for, principally this arsehole

Another one, also lacking in character is this:

Not the brand but the varietal.

Sauvignon Gris is a pinkish clone originating in France but well established in Chile as a varietal that they have been trying to fool the world for years that it is Sauvignon Blanc (which they can't grow properly there - or at least not as good as we can in Marlborough).

The wine from this grape is dull and boring with no zing to it at all. Why on earth Montana (Pernod Ricard) decided to grow it here bewilders me. Some idiot thought that diversification was a good way of attacking competitors who were eating into Montana's dominance of Sauvignon Blanc a few years ago.

Poor old Richard (of RBB) bought some by mistake today see his comment in his latest Post:   HERE

I suggested that he use it as a foot bath along with the most likely horrible red wines he bought.


Anonymous said...

That has hppenned to me.

I bought this wine in a Blenheim supermarket looking forward to enjoying it with some friends after a nice day visiting vineyards.
Boy were we disappointed. We at first thought that the winery cellar doors we visited were somehow cheating as the Sauvignon Blanc wines we tasted were so good. My father-in-law pointed out the different spelling on the label. We were no more the wiser but decided to be a bit more careful in the future.

Alison from Des Moines.

Richard (of RBB) said...

Yep, that's the shit I bought, but under their new name Bancroft, or something similar.
Bloody Chile!