Tuesday, April 21, 2009


"A British honeymoon couple from Hong Kong have paid what is believed to be a record price for a bottle of New Zealand wine.
They shelled out $1000 for a bottle of Gibbston Valley Wines' world champion 2000 Pinot Noir at Gantley's Restaurant near Queenstown.
Now a rare find, the standard 750ml bottle came highly recommended at the restaurant, where there are only four or five bottles of the treasured drop remaining.
Restaurant co-owner Brent Rands told the Southland Times the last bottle he sold was last year for $750 and with very few bottles remaining he increased the price to $1000 in January.
"I thought it's getting so scarce now, if it's gonna go, it's gonna go..."
Gibbston Valley Wines managing director Mike Stone said yesterday the wine's latest feat "felt pretty good".
"To the best of my knowledge it's the first (750ml) bottle by a New Zealand producer that's ever sold for $1000."
The wine sold at the cellar door for just $65 eight years ago, Mr Stone said."

This was on the Yahoo news web this morning.
It is a good example of the blatant profiteering that some restaurants indulge in. The co-owner seems to be proud of the fact that he just added $250 to the price of a bottle up from the usurous price of $750. He is very naive. There's no way that I or like minded people will go to his establishment in the future.


Richard (of RBB) said...

"There's no way that I or like minded people will go to his establishment in the future."

If he's got a pregnant barmaid working there who gets wine mixed up with beer when she's flustered by grumpy old men, he probably won't be too worried by your threat.

Anonymous said...

Isaw that in the Dominion this morning.
If some honeymooner wants to impress his bride and pay 1000 bucks good on him. Though I could be wrong.

THE WINE GUY said...

You are wrong


There's nothing wrong with spending $1000 to impress your bride (or maybe there is really, but what would I know, I've never married)but when what you are buying, the restaurant should only legitimately be charging $100 to $150 - then there is a problem. In this case the restaurant haven't a clue about PR and goodwill. They gleefully expounded on how they arbitrarily moved the price per bottle upo from the already ridiculous $750 to $1000 a bottle. They must be nuts.

Richard (of RBB) said...

Remember, Comeinyourpants, that your nuts leak at times.

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"You won't believe this!
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