Tuesday, March 31, 2009


On Saturday I attended a wedding with a High Anglican service.
The Arch Deacon invited everyone to join in the Communion. I did mainly to check out the wine on offer. It was a Muscat wine, probably Australian. I gave it a quick swirl and sniff (and received an odd look from the Arch Deacon). I couldn't check out the clarity of colour as the chalice was silver. It was OK, simple and sweet but fruity and went down well. I think it was a good wine match for the host which was a bit on the dry side so needed something richer and sweeter to balance it. I used to receive communion when I attended Catholic Mass years ago. The hosts then were a bit fuller and more flavoursome. They were made daily by the Home of Compassion Sisters so were fresh. The Anglican ones (and maybe the modern Catholic ones too) are probably bought in bulk.
Overall I thought that the wine had more body than the bread which probably contravenes the Fair Trading and Trade Descriptions Acts because the Arch Deacon inferred that it was the the bread that had body in it.


Anonymous said...

"God will get you for this!" Jesus (of RBB)

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure; he's like a breath of fresh air. Can I be your friend Wine Guy?