Sunday, June 1, 2008


We saw Shine A Light last night, Scorcese's film of the Rolling Stones being mostly the 2006 concert in New York interspersed with current and archive interview footage. It was very good as you would expect from Scorcese who previously has filmed the Band final concert (The Last Waltz) and a Dylan documentary. The filming was extraordinary especially given (relatively) limited budget and, as explained at the beginning of the film, the difficulty of filming a live concert without getting in the way of the performers. The result was a feeling of having been there (aided by it being on the large I-Max screen). Bring on more of these I say.
The classiest act though was Buddy Guy performing Muddy Waters' 'Champagne and Reefer'.


Anonymous said...

I object to the title of this post... "Stone Me!"
I wouldn't mind if it was about another topic, but the Rolling Stones?
Well, it is a bit obvious.
Here are some suggested alternatives for a title to this post:
"A night out with Lynn."
"Are they Wine Guys or Whine Guys?'
"This post will have you rolling!"
"Yes, and I'm the Pope!"
"Big screen, big band!"
"Does Jesus exist?"
"Mick at the mike."
"Well, stone the crows!"
"Let he who is without sin throw the first one!"
"Where was Robert last night, I wonder?"
"Nowthat Richard's back from Palmy."
R (of RBB)

Anonymous said...

Where was Robert last night, I wonder?"
I hear Robert and Sue watched a movie also ... wink wink know what I mean?

THE WINE GUY said...

'Stone the Crows' was already used by another band so I don't think that was appropriate (Maggie Bell had a great voice though - I've got two of their albums - Stone the Crows and Ontinuous Performance)
The other options you mention are just silly

Richard Prowse said...

I thought "Mick at the mike" was quite good.

Anonymous said...

"I thought "Mick at the mike" was quite good."

No I think it sounds obscene!


JY said...

Like a fart at a funeral everyone ignores me, but for what it's worth (nothing) I saw I'm Not There on Saturday night. I have to agree with R of RBB - it was a bit long, and there were silly bits, but overall it was quite good.

Have you seen Gimme Shelter?

Richard Prowse said...

I saw it with a woman in the
1970s. I only went because I was trying to get into her... Nah, just joking, what a great movie!

Richard Prowse said...

I never understood rock music.
Chicks never understood me.

THE WINE GUY said...

I have the video of Gimme Shelter and do think it's good, particularly given how old it is. Scorcese's film is more technically proficient but the Maysles' film has more urgency (and not just because of the Altamont concert). It is interesting comparing Sympathy for the Devil which was performed in both films as after Altamont it wasn't performed in concert for years.

We thought I'm not there was great. A very clever from the side look at Dylan and his life. What was also great was that all (?) the songs were performed by other artists. 'Goin' to Acapulco' by Jim James was my favourite.
I like it when movies do this like all the Beatles numbers being performed by other artists in the sound track of 'I am Sam' and the Leonard Cohen tribute 'I'm your man'

John Locke said...

Scoresce seems to be into making documentries about music these days. recently he's done one on Bob Dylan as well as a blues doco. His greatest effort was of course The Last Waltz featuring the great Levon Helm. Robbie Robertson has done quite a bit of soundtrack work on Scoresces films including the resent one with Jack in it. That film closed with Roy Buchanan's version os sweet dreams.