Sunday, April 27, 2008


Oz and James' Big Wine Adventures (Prime Sundays, 7PM) is a wine programme with a difference. That difference is fun.
I'm not saying the programme is great as it is full of flaws, but what wine oriented programmes and films are not (Sideways with its central theme of disparaging Merlot in favour of Pinot Noir ended with a tribute to Chateau Cheval Blanc which is almost 50% Merlot - or was that an in-joke?).
Tonights episode had a fun challenge (anathema to wine snobs) of matching a car to a wine. This was great and takes the piss whilst still making some sense (e.g. matching a Champagne to a classic Jaguar).
Well done OJBWA


Richard Prowse said...

I drive an 88 Toyota.
Cask wine?

THE WINE GUY said...

No, the spit bucket seems more appropriate

Anonymous said...

So, let me get this clear, my son's 87 Toyota would be a urinal?
Richard (of RBB)

THE WINE GUY said...

I am not interested in George's mobile micturating proclivities.

JY said...

Toyota '88 = spit bucket

Lada = ?

I think the word "robust" should be used. For example: "Turps is robust... like the Lada."

THE WINE GUY said...

Lada = ?

The RED stain on the carpet after you drop the wine